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Unitised Curtain Walling

click to enlarge~What is Unitised Curtain Walling?~

Unitised systems comprise narrow, storey-height units of aluminium framework, glazing and panels pre-assembled under controlled, factory conditions (figure 2). 

Mechanical handling is required to position, align and fix the units onto pre-positioned brackets attached to the concrete floor or the structural frame. 

Unitised systems have higher direct costs however the smaller number of site sealed joints in unitised curtain walling simplifies and fastens enclosure of the building, requires fewer site staff and can make such systems cost effective.


~Examples of Unitised Curtain Walling~

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~Installation of Unitised Systems~

The Fixing Brackets are previously installed and aligned. At this stage great care must be taken to correctly locate all gaskets.




Any fine adjustments are made using bracket adjustment screws to level and align each unit to its adjacent unit.